Crime Trends Tool

This tool allows you to view trends in an area over a specified time period. Please complete the steps below to generate the results for your query.

There are 3 steps required to display the crime trends.

Step 1 - Select Region

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Step 2 - Select Offence Type

Assault - domestic violence related
Assault - non-domestic violence related
Sexual assault
Indecent assault, act of indecency and other sexual offences
Robbery without a weapon
Robbery with a firearm
Robbery with a weapon not a firearm
Break and enter - dwelling
Break and enter - non-dwelling
Motor vehicle theft
Steal from motor vehicle
Steal from retail store
Steal from dwelling
Steal from person
Malicious damage to property
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Step 3- Select Date Range (Data available from July 1998 up to December 2020)

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